What is a Hash Rate?

The most common concepts in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies can generally seem trivial. One of the examples of such concepts refers to the hash rate in mining, which has a significant effect on the crypto world. It is one of the common terms you would find in references to cryptocurrency mining. Bitcoin hash […]

What is Token Minting in Crypto?

The staggering growth of cryptocurrencies has been one of the most significant events in recent history. However, beginners in the domain of cryptocurrencies and blockchain are more likely to have doubts regarding the creation of cryptocurrencies. The answers might point towards token minting in crypto, which can be quite confusing without a clear explanation.  Some […]

Announcement: Internet Of Things (IoT) – Intermediate Level Course Launched

The gradually evolving IoT ecosystem has become one of the most favorable grounds for driving innovation. As the prospects for extending IoT technology to almost every device become brighter, the need to learn IoT has emerged as a prominent trend. Considering these facts, we’ve previously brought IoT fundamentals course and Blockchain and IoT course for […]

Could Today’s CPI Data be Bullish?

By Marcus Sotiriou, Analyst at the publicly listed digital asset broker GlobalBlock  After Bitcoin slumped just under 5% on Tuesday, it hovers above $23,000 at time of writing, after Coinbase’s Q2 earnings were released. They reported a 63% decline in revenue in the second quarter, hence leading to a $1.1 billion loss from a year ago, despite its […]

Cleanspark Acquires Plug-in-Ready Bitcoin Mining Facility With up to 86 MW of capability – BTC Wires

On Tuesday, the bitcoin company Cleanspark declared it acquired a plug-in-ready bitcoin mining facility that’s climbable to eighty six megawatts (MW) of capability. Presently, the freshly opened web site in Washington, Georgia, has thirty six megawatts, that is predicted to grant Cleanspark’s hashrate a thirty eighth boost this quarter. Publicly-Listed Bitcoin jack Cleanspark Expands Operations […]

10 Best Tools for Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are one of the biggest revolutionary interventions you can find in the present times. They have helped in introducing easier automation of different business processes and applications operating on a decentralized network. The interest in the best smart contract development tools has been increasing profoundly in recent times. Smart contracts have the capability […]

How to Become a Smart Contract Developer

Blockchain technology has successfully garnered the interest of top players in different industries. Industry leaders want to customize blockchain technology to fit their specific business use cases. Smart contracts based on blockchain technology are one of the most significant interventions in the field of technology. If you want to become smart contract developer, then you […]

Poloniex’s ZERO Trading fee launch and support to the Ethereum Hard Fork – BTC Wires

Aug 9, 2022 13:31&nbspUTC | Updated: Aug 9, 2022 at 13:31&nbspUTC By&nbspRaghav Sawhney Poloniex launched its new trading system on 1st August 2022 which includes a lot of technical changes and updates in its interface providing users a faster, stable and reliable trading system.  The platform is now offering over 100,000 TPS, both the order […]