What are Governance Tokens and why does they matter?

Tokens are one of the integral highlights in the crypto and web3 landscape. As of now, a major share of the discussions around tokens reflects on the classifications of fungible and non-fungible tokens. In addition, you can explore many other types of tokens, such as utility, platform, and security tokens.  Most important of all, governance […]

Hyundai and Meta Kongz teamed up to bring community NFTs to the market –

Hyundai Motor Company, a South Korean automaker, made its debut in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Monday 18-05-2022, after cooperation with the ‘Meta Kongz‘ NFT brand. Kakao, the firm behind Korea’s most popular instant messaging app, KakaoTalk, established the Clayton blockchain, on which Meta Kongz is built. Makes 10,000 PFP Meta Kongs in […]

Fireblocks launches Web3 Engine with developer tools to support DeFi and NFT apps –

Fireblocks is a digital assets custody platform that announced the debut of its new Web3 Engine. The purpose of the Web3 engine launch is to assist and nurture the emergence of the Web3 ecosystem.   Micro, Macro, and commercial businesses may use the Fireblocks platform to acquire and administer crypto assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which […]

What is Autoglyphs NFT? Explained –

When dealing with the Blockchain concept, people often come across the terms ‘on-chain’ and ‘off-chain’ and wonder what they mean. On-chain and Off-chain are two types of transactions on the blockchain. On-chain transactions are those that are available on the blockchain’s distributed ledger and are visible to all the participants on the network. On the […]

Everything you Need to Know About Zilliqa and Metapolis –

Digital payment gateways and digital currencies have surrounded us for a long time. The rate at which their applications in everyday life are expanding is something that no one could have predicted. Undoubtedly the cryptocurrency business is one of the primary contributors to this enormous success. The crypto industry has been extremely successful in attracting […]

How to become Certified Web3 Professional?

Aspiring to become certified web3 professional? This comprehensive guide will get you familiar with the steps of getting certified in web3, and thus will help you get your hands on one of the top web3 jobs. The web3 landscape has been expanding gradually over the course of the last few months. Anyone who is involved […]

India planning to completely ban celebrity-endorsed crypto ads –

With possible criminal infractions, celebrity sponsorship of cryptocurrency in India would soon come to a stop. SEBI predicts that all significant public personalities, including athletes, will stop making agreements. Like India, the new crypto industry is severely uncontrolled in some markets, necessitating solid regulations. Misleading endorsements are considered violations of the law The craze of […]

All you should Know About TempleDAO (TEMPLE) Token –

Last year, there was an attempt to tout almost all cryptocurrencies as “the next Bitcoin” due to Bitcoin’s meteoric increase in popularity. Because of this, many individuals raced to buy these currencies, unaware of the currency’s high volatility. Due to which many faced losses. However, if they had knowledge about stable coins, they would have […]