Metaverse Thailand to Create Tradable Land NFTs

Metaverse Thailand announced on Friday that it arranged a partnership with Bitkub  Blockchain  Blockchain Blockchain comprises a digital network of blocks with a comprehensive ledger of transactions made in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or other altcoins.One of the signature features of blockchain is that it is maintained across more than one computer. The ledger […]

‘Stable in Name Only’: Stablecoin Issuers Speak Out as UST Craters

Since Terra began blowing up, DAI, a five-year-old overcollateralized stablecoin overseen by the MakerDAO community, has held its peg and carried out liquidations of collateral in an orderly fashion, which has been “a great test of the system,” said Luca Prosperi, a leader on lending oversight at MakerDAO. Source link

Breaking: Do Kwon proposes Terra revival, including token redistribution plan

Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon has tabled a proposal to preserve the Terra ecosystem following the historic de-pegging of its algorithmic stablecoin, UST, and the resulting death spiral that plunged LUNA tokens to practically zero.  In a Friday post on Terra’s research forum, Kwon said, “The Terra community must reconstitute the chain to preserve the […]

Nike seeks to add counterfeiting claims to StockX lawsuit –

On Tuesday(10-05-2022), Nike, the American multinational corporation, urged a federal judge in the Southern District of NY to add forgery and misleading advertisements allegations to an already-existing trademark dilution action against StockX. As per Bloomberg, Nike’s legal counsel bought four counterfeit pairs from the marketplace over the course of 2 months, all with documents saying […]

Coinbase junk bonds plummet due to market turmoil and creditors’ concerns –

Coinbase’s junk bonds are plummeting in value, owing to poor first-quarter performance and concerns about what would happen if the company goes bankrupt. According to bond trading data from Trace Bonds, Coinbase’s junk offerings tumbled to 17% and 5.2% since its first-quarter report revealed on May 10. This means that the bonds’ current values are […]

Aurora launches a $90M token fund –

Aurora has recently marketed a token fund of $90 million. For those unaware, Aurora is an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) designed by the Near protocol team. The purpose of Aurora is to provide turn-key solutions for the running of Dapps on an Ethereum-supported, scalable and secure platform with minimum service charges for its users.   The […]

Everything You Need to Know About WOO Network (WOO) –

The WOO Network, a deep liquidity network, was founded by Kronos Research. It makes best-in-class liquidity, trading execution, and yield creation strategies considerably inexpensive or even free for traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms. As part of its liquidity network, WOO Network provides controlled and decentralized exchanges. Low-cost trading, configurable workspaces, and substantial liquidity are […]

Onecoin ‘Crypto Queen’ Ruja Ignatova Listed Among Europe’s Ideal – BTC Wires

Ruja Ignatova, mastermind of the infamous pyramid Onecoin, is currently one in every of Europe’s ideal fugitives. additionally referred to as the “Crypto Queen,” she disappeared nearly 5 years agone, once the Ponzi theme she semiconductor diode collected billions of bucks from defrauded investors round the world. Europol Seeks information on Onecoin Inventor’s Whereabouts The […]