How To Build Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network Models with Keras

Last Updated on June 23, 2022 The Keras Python library for deep learning focuses on the creation of models as a sequence of layers. In this post you will discover the simple components that you can use to create neural networks and simple deep learning models using Keras from TensorFlow. Kick-start your project with my […]

Robotic lightning bugs take flight: Inspired by fireflies, researchers create insect-scale robots that can emit light when they fly, which enables motion tracking and communication

Fireflies that light up dusky backyards on warm summer evenings use their luminescence for communication — to attract a mate, ward off predators, or lure prey. These glimmering bugs also sparked the inspiration of scientists at MIT. Taking a cue from nature, they built electroluminescent soft artificial muscles for flying, insect-scale robots. The tiny artificial […]

Robots turn racist and sexist with flawed AI, study finds: Neural networks built from biased Internet data teach robots to enact toxic stereotypes

A robot operating with a popular Internet-based artificial intelligence system consistently gravitates to men over women, white people over people of color, and jumps to conclusions about peoples’ jobs after a glance at their face. The work, led by Johns Hopkins University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and University of Washington researchers, is believed to be […]

Researchers release open-source photorealistic simulator for autonomous driving

Hyper-realistic virtual worlds have been heralded as the best driving schools for autonomous vehicles (AVs), since they’ve proven fruitful test beds for safely trying out dangerous driving scenarios. Tesla, Waymo, and other self-driving companies all rely heavily on data to enable expensive and proprietary photorealistic simulators, since testing and gathering nuanced I-almost-crashed data usually isn’t […]

Salvadoran President to Bitcoin Investors: Your BTC Investment Is Safe, Can Vastly Grow After Bear Market – BTC Wires

The president of EI Salvador has some recommendations for bitcoin investors. He believes investments within the largest cryptocurrency area unit safe and can “immensely grow” when the securities industry. El Salvador’s President on Bitcoin Investments The president of EI Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has spoken up concerning bitcoin investments amid BTC’s significant sell-off. El Salvador has […]

Russian Finance Ministry Rules Out Sale of Oil for Bitcoin – BTC Wires

Jun 21, 2022 09:34&nbspUTC | Updated: Jun 21, 2022 at 09:34&nbspUTC By&nbspClark The Russian government considers bitcoin as a payment possibility for small business transactions, not for oil exports, the country’s finance ministry has indicated. A prime official emphasised that the department implies that cryptocurrencies could also be used in barter deals, however not as […]

10 Best Metaverse Platforms That You Can Try In 2022

Metaverse is the latest example of the wonders of technological innovation. People have been looking for the best metaverse platforms for trying out their hand at the new technology. The metaverse is a virtual world, encompassing everything digital in one shared universe. You must have discovered hints and traces of the metaverse in multiple science […]