Engineers devise a recipe for improving any autonomous robotic system

Autonomous robots have come a long way since the fastidious Roomba. In recent years, artificially intelligent systems have been deployed in self-driving cars, last-mile food delivery, restaurant service, patient screening, hospital cleaning, meal prep, building security, and warehouse packing. Each of these robotic systems is a product of an ad hoc design process specific to […]

Optical microphone sees sound like never before: Dual-shutter vibration-sensing system uses ordinary cameras to achieve extraordinary results

A camera system developed by Carnegie Mellon University researchers can see sound vibrations with such precision and detail that it can reconstruct the music of a single instrument in a band or orchestra. Even the most high-powered and directed microphones can’t eliminate nearby sounds, ambient noise and the effect of acoustics when they capture audio. […]

Tiny fish-shaped robot ‘swims’ around picking up microplastics

Microplastics are found nearly everywhere on Earth and can be harmful to animals if they’re ingested. But it’s hard to remove such tiny particles from the environment, especially once they settle into nooks and crannies at the bottom of waterways. Now, researchers in ACS’ Nano Letters have created a light-activated fish robot that “swims” around […]

Technology helps self-driving cars learn from own ‘memories’

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a way to help autonomous vehicles create “memories” of previous experiences and use them in future navigation, especially during adverse weather conditions when the car cannot safely rely on its sensors. Cars using artificial neural networks have no memory of the past and are in a constant state of […]

Crypto Lender Blockfi Secures $250 Million Line of Credit From FTX, corporate executive Says Capital Can Bolster Its Record – BTC Wires

The crypto Lender Blockfi was careful on Tues that the corporate secured a $250 million line of credit from FTX. Blockfi’s corporate executive Zac Prince proclaimed on Twitter that the company can use the capital to bolster Blockfi’s “balance sheet and platform strength.” Blockfi Obtains $250 Million Consumer credit Line From FTX After Crypto Lending […]

Zero Knowledge Proof And Its Importance To Web3

The different stages in the evolution of the internet have introduced distinct improvements in user experience. For example, the earliest stages of the internet or web 1.0 included only static web pages which delivered information. On the contrary, discussions around technology have shifted towards topics like “what is zero knowledge proof” and their relevance for […]