A Bear of Historic Proportions

By Marcus Sotiriou, Analyst at the UK based digital asset broker GlobalBlock Bitcoin fell below $20,000 briefly this morning, whilst the total crypto market cap fell to below $900 billion, from a high of $3 trillion last year. A new report from Glassnode Insights claims that the current bear market is “a bear of historic proportions,” and highlights […]

SoulBound Tokens- The Non-Transferable NFTs

The developments in the web3 landscape and blockchain technology have also fuelled the popularity of digital assets and virtual products. In recent times, non-fungible tokens have offered a significant improvement in the methods for exercising ownership over digital assets. Now, the arrival of SoulBound NFT has pointed to the possibility of introducing truly non-transferable non-fungible […]

Exploring emerging topics in artificial intelligence policy

Members of the public sector, private sector, and academia convened for the second AI Policy Forum Symposium last month to explore critical directions and questions posed by artificial intelligence in our economies and societies. The virtual event, hosted by the AI Policy Forum (AIPF) — an undertaking by the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing to […]

Robot overcomes uncertainty to retrieve buried objects

For humans, finding a lost wallet buried under a pile of items is pretty straightforward — we simply remove things from the pile until we find the wallet. But for a robot, this task involves complex reasoning about the pile and objects in it, which presents a steep challenge. MIT researchers previously demonstrated a robotic […]